Increase Sell-Through Rate

Shift ad spending from your competition and increase your sell-through rate.


The Challenge

A high-profile media owner and seller was finding competition intensified in recent years as the pay-TV industry matured.

With so many options for the consumer, the media owner needed to shift subscribers to their platform rather than attract first-time subscribers to the category.

They had to find a way to increase the sell-through rate and shift subscribers to their platform.

The Solution

If the media owner leveraged Guideline's accurate spend data (powered by Standard Media Index) to identify the ad spending on other established pay-TV providers and broadband service providers, they would have been able to:

  • Reveal the competitive landscape that offered similar video streaming capabilities
  • Focus on their strengths while being aware of or downplaying the competition.

The Result

With Guideline's data, tools, and support  powered by SMI), the media owner could have shifted ad spending from their closest competitors.

The agencies are allocating more impressions on their buys to this media owner.

Equipped with this unprecedented data, the media owner could have increased their sell-through rate from 75% to 85%.

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