Lost in a maze of spreadsheets and disconnected media planning tools?

Dispersed Planning and Unclear Data

Multiple, uncoordinated spreadsheets and systems lead to planning inefficiencies and confusion.​

Fragmented Tools & Processes

Disconnected tools and decentralized processes create disjointed media planning.​

Delayed Insights & Decision Paralysis

Lack of consolidated, real-time media insights, hinders timely and effective action.​

Guideline transforms media planning

with a software solution that gives brands and agencies full command over their strategies, blending

omnichannel clarity with key spending insights for smarter, more efficient


Guideline Planning software is built for the future. Not only does it update what you have, but it is designed on a platform that can and will grow. This platform is tech forward, and tech ready - with more to come.

Tailored Control and Taxonomy

Customize your media universe by establishing unique taxonomies and controls to align with your business needs. Create standardized templates and role-based permissions for consistency and accuracy across teams.

Integrated and Impactful Planning

Build and share media plans that make a mark with our intuitive interface that allows for seamless plan building and sharing, empowering you with a comprehensive view of all media formats. Stay up-to-date and agile with a centralized database that keeps your strategy sharp and informed.

Automated Approvals and Reporting

Streamline your approval processes and report generation and customize workflows, track authorizations, and automate report scheduling to support your global strategies with ease.

Seamless Integration and Collaboration

Easily integrate with client systems and third-party platforms to bridge the gap between systems and teams. Enhance collaboration and maintain consistency in your planning, even through team transitions, ensuring no loss of valuable time or data.

Getting started
with Guideline

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