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Experience the transformative power of data with Guideline. Our platform delivers direct, actionable insights, equipping you with the tools to lead, not follow, in the media world.

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Innovative Insights for Forward-Thinkers

Guideline thrives at the forefront of innovation. We provide dynamic market insights, empowering you to shape the future of your media strategies with confidence and agility.

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Synergy of Technology and Expertise

Discover the fusion of advanced technology and deep industry expertise at Guideline. Our solutions are engineered for those who seek to redefine media planning and buying.

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Collaborative Precision for Market Leaders

Guideline champions collaborative precision. We offer a platform where elite strategists unite to craft impactful, data-driven media narratives.

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NBCU has been able to proactively build strategies and tactics to capitalize on demand, get ahead of each quarter’s scatter market, and better identify opportunities using Guideline’s total market data.

Sean Wright
SVP of Client Strategy, NBCU

Trailblazing Success Stories

Explore how Guideline drives transformative results. 

Guideline Strategy Boosts Media Owner's Sell-Through Rate by 10%

Facing fierce competition in the pay-TV industry, a prominent media owner utilized Guideline's precise data to strategically shift ad spending, successfully attracting subscribers from rivals. This informed approach enhanced their market position and elevated their sell-through rate to 85%.

Guideline Reveals Key to Media Owner's 35% Revenue Boost

A major media owner, facing stagnant revenues, used Guideline's precise spend data to shift focus to CTV, leading to a potential 35% revenue increase. This strategic pivot, informed by unparalleled insights into advertising trends, marked a significant turnaround from considering less profitable audio streaming.

Guideline Powers Media Agency to 40% Win Rate Increase

Learn how a mid-size media agency reversed its RFP losses using Guideline's data tools, gaining a 40% win rate boost, six new Fortune 500 clients, and a 15% revenue jump in just 12 months.


in Excellence

Guideline aligns with the best, pooling insights from $156 billion in annual global media spend from global media powerhouses to offer unparalleled market intelligence and strategic advantage.

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top US broadcasters leverage Guideline’s data solutions.


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of top global media companies use Guideline’s data solutions.


major agency holding companies are partnered with and receive data from Guideline’s data solutions.

Guideline's Data provides unparalleled insights into marketplace trends and enables us to drill down into detail that helps drive our investment approach. The granularity of the data helps us understand what's actually driving trends in the market across all channels.

Michael O'Connor
EVP of Video Investment, Horizon Media

Proven Impact, Trusted Expertise

Guideline is the choice of industry leaders, offering a platform that transforms media intelligence into a strategic asset.

Align with the visionaries. Join the ranks of top global media companies who trust Guideline for groundbreaking insights.

Experience a platform that revolutionizes media transactions worldwide, focusing on accuracy, efficiency, and actionable intelligence.

Powering Tomorrow's Media Strategies

on Data Analysis

Reimagine market intelligence with access to comprehensive, current billing data for impactful, strategic decision-making. Drive efficiency and precision in a market that never stands still.

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Planning Solutions

Leverage our deep market intelligence to understand content trends, refine publishing strategies, and gain a competitive edge, all through our advanced, user-centric platform.

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