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Tap into actual ad spend data from top US agencies, covering both digital and traditional media.

Precision and

Access the most accurate, granular data two weeks after month's end - no estimates, just real numbers.


Gain a holistic view of the media landscape, from TV and radio to digital and print.


The Ultimate Tool for Media Spend Intelligence

Single-Source Clarity

Benefit from $100B/year in real spend data, sourced directly from the largest US agencies for unparalleled accuracy.

In-Depth Market Analysis

Explore 6 major media types, 31 sub-types, thousands of publishers, hundreds of product categories, and additional digital breakouts on ad/format/buy/placement types.

AccuTV Integration

Leverage detailed insights from over $30 Billion/year in actual TV ad buys, enriched with Nielsen and Gracenote data for superior ad sales strategy.

Dynamic Trend Tracking

Utilize the Pacing Dashboard to forecast market spend trends and plan your media strategy up to three months in advance.

How Spend Empowers Your Business

Optimize Media Trading Operations

Enhance trading efficiency and drive new business with deep insights into media spend trends and budget allocations.

Boost Strategic Decision Making

Make informed decisions on media allocation, client prospecting, and uncovering acquisition targets using accurate, real-time data.

Empower Sales and Investment Teams

Inform your sales and investment strategies with up-to-date insights, giving your team a competitive edge in planning and optimization.

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