Are unreliable data and market uncertainties leaving your business in the dark?

Inaccurate Decisions

Relying on incomplete or inaccurate market insights often leads to strategic missteps.

Market Blindspots

Failing to understand market trajectory, shifting prices, and investment trends leads to missed opportunities.​

Data Anxiety

Lacking access to accurate, real-time data increases the risk of costly errors in a dynamic environment.​

Guideline elevates your advertising strategy


spend and pricing intelligence, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition

with smarter, more informed decisions.

Master the media and advertising world with the necessary insights to understand current trends, anticipate future shifts, 
fine-tune ad spend, and achieve strategic pricing—ensuring your brand consistently stays ahead.


Experience the pinnacle of ad spend intelligence with our Spend feature. Dive into comprehensive data from major agencies and independents, spanning all media, and enrich your strategy with detailed insights into over $30 Billion yearly in TV ad buys. Use the Pacing Dashboard to stay ahead by forecasting market spend trends up to three months in advance.


Revolutionize your digital pricing approach with our industry-first Digital Pricing solution offering clarity in digital CPM data across publishers and ad formats. Elevate your strategy with accurate CPM insights for National TV and local media, ensuring you price and negotiate with the confidence of real market intelligence.


Analyze audience viewership with new depth using our Reach feature. Trusted by major networks and broadcasters, this premier tool leverages Nielsen data for unparalleled strategizing, forecasting, and negotiation leverage in the dynamic TV industry.


We offer carefully crafted and analyzed, up-to-date insights into the U.S. market's ad spend and trends. Don't just estimate—know where you stand with our expert, insight-ready reports, giving you a reliably accurate benchmark against the global media industry.

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