Harness the Power of Unified Media Planning

Overcome Dispersed Planning

Resolve the complexities of managing multiple spreadsheets and systems with our integrated media planning solution.

Eliminate Fragmented Tools

Unify your planning process with our cohesive platform, bridging gaps between disparate tools and processes.

Accelerate Decision Making

Access consolidated, real-time insights to expedite decisions and drive effective media planning strategies.


Guideline Planning Transforms Your Approach

Standardization with Flexibility

Tailor plan management with taxonomy controls that 

drive standardization, fit for flexibility between global and local teams.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Leverage an intuitive interface to drive planning efficiencies, integrating with client systems and 
third-party platforms.

Efficient Workflows and Reporting

Customize the approval process and workflows to 
create audit trails, automate notifications, and ensure timely action.

Intelligent Reporting

Inform the entire organization with automated
reporting in flexible formats - for easy access to plan and performance data.

Revolutionize Your Media Planning Process

Unified Planning and Integration

Improve planning and data consolidation, ensuring a comprehensive view of all media buying in one central database — including third-party integrations and a Read-API to pull data in and out of the platform.

Strategic Optimization and Reporting

Optimize your strategy for current and future campaigns. Analyze results and make informed refinements across all media formats.

Data-Driven Market Leadership

Stay at the forefront of the media landscape. Optimize spend and secure the best rates by incorporating Guideline's powerful benchmark and pricing solutions.

Getting started
with Guideline

Transform your media planning with Guideline Planning. Embrace a world of clarity, efficiency, and strategic power in media buying.

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