Revolutionize Your Strategy with Advanced Viewership Data

Audience Analysis

MediaLogic's in-depth Nielsen data analysis transforms your approach to network and broadcast strategy.

Precision and Speed

Experience industry-leading speed and accuracy with three-decimal data precision, offering the fastest analysis available.

Flexible Reporting

Tailor your strategy with ultimate report flexibility, from grid reports to custom trend analysis and program breakdowns.


Unleashing the Power of Reach

Advanced Analytical Tools

Harness the power of Nielsen Local Dailies and Monthlies, time period and program averages, for unmatched analytical depth.

Extensive Market Coverage

Access detailed viewership data across 56 metered and 208 diary markets, with overnights and sweeps insights, encompassing all Nielsen demographics.

Customizable Data Insights

Create custom single and multi-market reports, program reports, and track sports and special programming with ease and precision.

Maximizing Impact with Reach

Strategic Media Planning

Inform your sales and programming strategies with comprehensive program performance analysis and broadcast schedule insights.

Effective Sales Negotiation

Leverage detailed data for sales negotiations, station performance reviews, and syndication program planning, backed by accurate forecasting.


Empower your budget planning and forecasting with tailored reports, ensuring optimal allocation of resources and maximizing return on investment.

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