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The Challenge

A well-known media owner/seller was seeing a decline (or flat line) in revenue and inventory.

The press consistently reported that audio was growing by double digits YOY, so naturally the media owner considered investing in audio.

They needed to make a quick decision regarding their investment strategy:
How could they understand where to get the biggest return for marketing and product development investments?

The Solution

If they leveraged Guideline's extremely accurate and granular spend data (powered by Standard Media Index) inclusive of 95% of national advertiser's actual investments, they would've learned:

  • Audio streaming was growing, but only at +12% and low CPMs
  • CTV video was much more attractive with higher impressions, better dollars, and CPMS The better investment at that time was CTV.

The Result

With Guideline's data (powered by SMi), the media owner would've invested in CTV which could have increased revenue by up to 35%.

Without this unprecedented data, the media owner would have invested in audio streaming and not capitalized on a better investment with an increase 
in revenue.

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