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increasing in Q revenue

The Challenge

In O3, a well-known media owner was excited to see their CTV revenue growth increase to 28%. Without visibility into the industry as a whole, they decided to continue on their current path.

What the media owner didn't know was that their current path was well below the industry average, and therefore they were missing out on almost double-digit revenue growth.

The Solution

The media owner could have leveraged Guideline's accurate and transparent data (powered by Standard Media Index to better identify how the industry as a whole performed in Q3.

In this case, CTV had grown to 35% across the industry (7% higher than this media owner saw), showing that they were indexing below market.

The Result

With Guideline's data, tools, and support (powered by SMi), the media owner could have realigned their sales focus and invested in driving their CTV inventory.

Armed with Guideline data, the following quarter the media owner could have increased its growth rate to be on par with the industry, increasing its In quarter revenue by $3MM.

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